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About Gnosis

Gnosis is a pioneer in wealth screening and prospect research in Asia. We have been helping International Non Profit Organisations and Educational Institutions with their fundraising campaigns, corporate partnerships and due diligence since 2008.

Based in Singapore, we have a complete team of researchers, data analysts and software developers to deal with the many facets of doing research and background and reputation checks in Asia. Because we too, are researchers and we understand the challenges you face. We have developed proprietary technologies and know-how to support researchers, fundraisers and business development managers.

Backed by over 20 years of experience in research and data, together with our comprehensive database systems and knowledge of the region, we are uniquely positioned to help roll out your fundraising campaign in Asia.

75% of Research is just search. We should just let the data come to us

@Gnosis we Re-invent Research


Focused on Asia

The data environment in Asia is very different, finding and accessing information can be difficult. You may need help to look for an address or to verify a full name and designation. You may be trying to keep up with the local news related to you, your donors or prospective business partners. You may want to conduct a due diligence background check on a potential business partner. Or perhaps just want an independent opinion on a prospect.

Collecting and managing Asian data has always been a challenge. Envious of the tools that we’ve seen in western countries, we developed our own suite of Toys to play with, each serves a purpose, for a specific problem.

The greater challenge however, is having sufficient understanding of the local culture and norms to know which pieces of information are important or significant. Having that local knowledge will help you interpret the data and connect the dots.

@Gnosis, we go from providing profiles to delivering insights into your prospective donors.

Draw on Gnosis’ existing resources, technology and indigenous knowledge of the region.

Let us help drive your fundraising and business development in Asia.