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These tools are free to use. Our Community tools should be adequate for many use cases. However, if you are looking for more features or greater customisation options, you may want to explore our Professional version.

Are you spending hours checking whether any names in your database are present in Forbes List, UK Queen’s Birthday List or AFR Rich List? Try Namematch

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Matching names across lists but not sure if there are duplicates or differently formatted names in your database? Namematch Δ is the solution!

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Are you at your wits’ end over repeated records of companies in your database due to various standards/formats? Comatch can help!

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Any country and nationality
Comes with Confidence Levels
Fast & handles large list
High precision and accuracy
Factors in name permutations & conventions
No changes needed. Works with the names as is.
No need First-Mid-First format. Only Full Name
Single Best Match for each name
Returns all the High Probability Matches
Great for identifying duplicate records within your Database
Factors in legal suffix, permutations, punctuation, typo
Great for identifying prospects in the same company or group
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All data is immediately removed on completion. The process should only take a minute or two.

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The Challenge

Imagine having to manually type in each name on the Forbes List to see if any of them is in your Database. What about trying to match an attendees list to your entire Alumni List?

One area where these challenges perennially occur is in Microsoft Excel, where we usually store information about our constituents, supporters, partners and clients.

There is only so much you can do with pivot tables, text-to-columns and vlookups.
Wrong or incorrect data == wrong decisions!
Without the right applications and processes, we may find it an arduous task to sift through these spreadsheets to obtain the relevant information. Or simply trying to standardize the data.

This can result in missed opportunities!
As such, our people at Gnosis have come up with timesaving solutions that will help you make the way you find and process data more efficient and convenient.
So, don’t be afraid to experiment with different tools, approaches, and methodologies. It is the best way to get to a faster and better decision-making process. Maximise the returns from your data today!

Asian Data

Asian data is complex. Different cultures, languages and naming conventions.

For example, the Chinese and Japanese usually only has a surname and a given name. However, it is not uncommon to see clients store Asian names using the standard first-middle-last naming convention. Even assuming we correctly identify the first or last name, everyone has their own interpretation of what goes where.

This often result in a plethora of errors and confusion.

This is further complicated in situations when a Chinese individual has an English name. In most cases, the name order of English names will apply when it is just the surname and the English name, but various permutations are possible when the full name and English name are used together.