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Prospect Research


Research is often the first thing most organizations do when they get the name of a prospective donor or potential business partner.  However prospect research isn’t simply identifying the rich – it is about understanding and getting “personal” with your donors or business associates . While research can be overwhelming and time-consuming, it ensures you identify the right prospects. It helps you to develop suitable cultivation strategies for your organisation. If done well, you will be able to recognise, attract more donors,business  partners and maximize support for your organization.

Prospecting in Asia can in itself present another set of problems. Data is harder to get, comes in different forms and languages, and is often inconsistent.

Being researchers ourselves, we understand the difficulties you face when researching in Asia. We’ve developed our own set of Toys to facilitate the research of Asian prospects:

All technology is proprietary to Gnosis. No third party is involved. You can have peace of mind knowing that your data is kept secure within Gnosis.

@Gnosis we provide comprehensive research support :

Various service options are available for you to choose from. Talk to us and let us better understand your needs – we can recommend suitable solutions for you.


Wealth Screening


If you’re running a fundraising campaign, you probably want to focus your efforts on high capacity donors and business partners. But do you know who in your database are the top 10% prospects? Wealth screening is almost certainly the first step to starting a campaign.

Screening in Asia has been difficult. Not only is the data not easily available, there are different languages and data norms.

A pioneer at wealth screening in Asia, we have amassed over two decades worth of wealth data in the region. A variety of indicators is used to help identify the High Net Worth Individuals in your database. There are systems and processes in place to normalise the data and ensure that only accurate matches are returned.

This wealth screening service is a culmination of all our data, systems and technical know-how.

To date, over a million records has been screened.

@Gnosis we make Wealth Screening possible